Your coodo key features

Easy to transport

coodo is easy to transport, plus we will make the arrangements for you. A standard flatbed truck is used to transport coodo to site and is positioned into place using a high capacity mobile crane. On smaller coodos a forklift can be used. In the UK the coodo would be considered abnormal freight and certain highway codes would have to be adhered to, including advanced notice given when transport arrangements are made. We only work with experienced logistics companies that specialise in moving installation like coodo to even the remotest of locations who will make all the neccesary arrangements to make this an easy process.

Quick to install

coodo can be installed in a day The offsite construction of your coodo means that it arrives as a fully functioning unit on site, simply requiring connection to mains and services after it has been sited. Whilst full installation might only take an hour, we recommend setting aside a full day to ensure that your coodo and its surroundings look amazing. Ground works can be limited to several support pins in the ground and services will usually be extended from the main dwelling. Soon we will have a Self Sustaining Unit (SSU) available that will be capabile of making your coodo operate off the grid.

Fully Insulated

coodo keeps your warm or cool High quality materials are used to satisify the needs of even the most demanding environment. All insulation exceeds the standard requirements set in most countries by making use of the latest high-tech insulation materials, to achieve best insulation results. A thermal resistance exceeding 4.5 m2K/W is achieved to assure your coodo is a comfortable haven at all times. As required by BS EN 13501-1 standard for fire safety, all materials are classified as Euroclass A1.

Glazed up to three times

coodo uses only the best glazing Our triple glazing systems meet highest demands for low heat dissipation. A passivhaus format was used to achieve the best result. Triple glazing excels with the following properties: - Outstanding insulation values: Ug to 0.4 W/m2K - Reduced heating costs - Enhanced living comfort (warm surface, no drafts ) - Optimized solar energy yield - High light transmission for natural light in the living area - No visual difference to double glazing

Fresh air all the time

coodo is one with nature, even when it comes to air. coodo features a multifunction heat pump unit that simultaneously meets the needs of heating, cooling, dehumidification, production of domestic hot water, controlled mechanical ventilation with thermodynamic recovery and electronic filtering. The main features are:

  • Optimal comfort, thanks to the system that quickly adapts to the load conditions of the room and the thermal load
  • The air is constantly filtered by electronic filters, whose efficiency levels exceed 99.9%
  • Controlled mechanical ventilation with thermodynamic recovery in winter and summer. Air dehumidification in summer mode
  • Extremely efficient production of domestic hot water in winter and free of charge in summer
  • High seasonal efficiency
  • Free-cooling, that is, cooling free of charge under special environmental conditions
  • Extensive use of renewable energy
  • Elimination of polluting emissions and CO2 in urban areas
  • Improvement of the building’s energy rating, thanks to a reduction in the demand for primary energy.
  • Lower running costs
  • Extremely low investment and quick installation, as all the functions are concentrated in one piece of equipment
  • No extra work required for the gas connection and chimney and relative measures to ensure the system is in line with safety regulations
  • Simple installation that does not need to be carried out by an expert
  • Aeraulic ducts that can be integrated into industrial building solutions

Smart Home Installations

coodo is smart Your coodo can be equiped with a system or smart home technologies that will truly make your coodo a smart space. Optional Equipment Include:

  • Automated light activation and scene programming
  • Remote door unlocking and access control
  • Occupation sensor
  • Zoned Climate control systems
  • Water leak detection
  • Blind operation
  • Home security and surveilance



Looks can deceive but quality cannot Your coodo is made of only the highest quality building materials to give you piece of mind that your coodo will stand the test of time and has been kind to the environment as well. The frame of the coodo is made from light weight anti-corrosive steel and the exterior is either Polyurethane (White Edition) or Siberian Larch (Grey Edition). The modular and mobile design of coodo demands that a robust construction be in place and in turn ensures that its occupants are safe, comfortable and ensured of a high qaulity product they can proud of.


Planning Permission

We recommend that planning permission is always obtained before committing to your coodo journey. This might be as simple as getting a Letter of Lawfullness or as detailed as submitting Full Planning Permission. We work some of the best planning experts in the UK who are able to give you expert advise and assist in the application process. See our Support page for some guidance on the various planning avenues that are available to you.


coodo is delivered on the back of a flat bed truck that is operated by an expert "abnormal freight" operator. In some cases a police escort might be required to regulate traffic. Due to the height, weight and width of the vehicle, a detailed delivery survey is conducted before an order is processed to ensure your coodo delivery can be reasonably executed. We only use experienced, professional logistics companies who are fully insured for this service.


coodo is positioned using a high capacity crane or forklift. in most residential applications coodo would have to lifted over buildings to site it in a back yard. As with our delivery process, only highly experienced, professional companies are used to perform this acticity. Before an order is placed a detailed survey is performed to confirm that a successful placement can be performed.


coodo units weight between 5 to 12 tons depending on size and type. Level, strong concrete foundations are always recommended however a variety of alternatives are possible. Foundation requirements will vary from site to site and things that need consideration are elevation, soil density, water table and the composition of the sub surface. UK Building Regulation and local council requirements will also inform this decision. We recommend that a qualified local ground works team advise on the best solution. Siblingz will gladly work with your contractor.


The coodo basic and coodo full living units are equiped with plumbing facilities through a dedicated service hatch situated at the back. Here you can connect your waste water pipes directly to the main drain system, ceptic tank or a selfsustaining unit.



Depending on your intended use of your coodo you will find that there are a wealth of possibilities of where your coodo can be placed. If you do not have your own property, please visit us regularly to as we expand our communitity of land owners, leisure sites and self build opertunities.


Your coodo is built to the highest specifications and standards, yet we continually strive to value engineer every component to make coodo accessable and vialble to many people. To make it easy we have taylor made a purchasing program to make sure your coodo purchase is clear and understandable: First Site Visit Site inspection and design consultation to determine best size and installation requirements. Complementary Kick starter Iincludes a professional site, route and installation survey and a first phase planning requirements analysis) £500 (incl VAT) Planning Application - Appropriate planning application prepared and reviewd by an Expert including all relevant documentation. £2000 (incl VAT) + planning fees Ground works - Basic Installation of ground screws Between £700 & £1400 Ground works - Full Foundation £2500 - £10,000 Services Installation £500 - £2,000 Delivery Location depending delivery will range from £500 to £1500 Craning or forklift hire Crane and forklift hire are charged by the hour and range from We will provide exact quotes for all services provided


A wide variety of finance options are available for purchasing your coodo:

  1. Personal loans
  2. Asset Finance
  3. Structured Mortgages
We are currently working with a range of finance providers to structure finance solutions specifically for coodo. Check our Finance and Insurance Section for regular updates


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