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Design as a process challenges that which is good enough
in the pursuit for that which is exceptional -
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work, live, learn, relax​...

Siblingz Design Studio is a Professional Project and Design Consultancy focussed on providing solutions that shape the spaces, products and experiences to better serve the way we do life. Central to the Siblingz ethos we embrace aesthetic and functionality in equal measure and help our clients realise their project aspirations.  

As a family run business, we value relationships and understand how working together always yields better results than working in silos. This is why at Siblingz we have adopted a collaborative style of working with our teams, suppliers and clients alike and always place people at the centre of our designs, solutions and experiences. 

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Everything covered 

The Siblingz Design Studio offering aims at being holistic, design solutions rather than just looks. From beginning to end we take care of the various project elements as if this were our own space, leaving no detail unspecified. 

Our design studio is organised around 5 key functions that work cohesively, with each striving to offer the best in their particular focus:

- Design & Creative

- Project Visuals

- Project Curation

- Project Coordination

- Immersive Solutions



We make the most of your space by designing layouts, placement and functional considerations


We can help make sense of 2D floor plans and elevations by representing your space in 3D and suggest amendments if needed. 


Selecting materials and finishes and getting down to the detail of Furniture, Fittings and Equipment is very important to make a space really work and serve its purpose

SOURCING & Procurement

We take care of the logistics of finding, procuring and managing the the delivery of the design elements on your behalf. 


Our entire service is based around a digital twin of your current of future space. By adding detail, lighting and visual elements we can truly bring the vision to life. 

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We will work with your builders and trade professional to keep things running smoothly, representing our clients interests. 

Furniture Design

Bespoke items including joinery design so that only the right solutions are implemented.  


We offer styling services to all your space to be inspires and leave you feeling proud and comfortable. 


We offer bespoke window dressing. 


We work with some of the best in the industry to integrate automation solutions in your home

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Having great sound and in home entertainment should not be an after thought


We work with our clients to integrate their brand identity and personal trademarks onto their spaces.

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We help define vision and turn it into reality​...

and this might just mean virtual reality. At Siblingz our main purpose is to focus ideas, visions and aspirations into results, and sometimes these may be tangible and sometimes they are virtual. 

Our immersive Visual Labs offers detailed, life-like visualisations and representations of designs and offers our clients the ability to see, edit and approve the end result before physical work is committed to. 

Combined with our in-house design expertise we are able to tie in spatial planning, FFE selection, materials and finishes into one engagement and ultimately one point of reference. The Design Blueprint.

Naturally we are also able to take the next step and this is where the Siblingz Group shines. Our ability to take design and translate these into real life results is managed by our Projects team's rich network of suppliers, trades people and speciality service providers to tie everything together. All driven from our Design Blueprint. 

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